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About Us

Founded in 2002, GMS Group has evolved over the years, becoming today the leader in Costa Rica in the provision of Internet-related technology, telecommunications and the production and distribution of entertainment and information at the Web.

Through its five divisions, Navé, Rack Lodge, Othos Telecom, Ring Call Center, and Boomerang, the company has managed to integrate a suite of products and services attractive to small and medium enterprises and a worldwide audience.


Meeting the needs of technology, corporate operations, entertainment and information to our customers, while meeting our requirements for profitability, through the highest standards of quality, creativity and social responsibility. We know that our existence as a company depends on the combination of all these factors and for this reason we are 100% committed to:

  • Our customers
  • Our team
  • Our shareholders
  • Our suppliers


Being the leader in Latin America in the provision of telecommunications and related technology in the production and distribution of entertainment and information at the Web.


We will achieve our mission and vision with passion, dedication, innovation and unsurpassed levels of customer service, attached to our core values​​:

  • Excellence in customer service to establish long-term relationships
  • Encourage teamwork
  • Create a dynamic work environment and pro active
  • Encourage the ingenuity and creativity
  • Maintain a professional team and dedicated
  • Respect for our employees as a key part to the success of our company
  • Respect the privacy of personal information of our customers
  • Keep us updated on issues related to services and technology platforms that offer
The most advanced Data Center in Central America
The number one entertainment portal in Costa Rica
Wireless telecommunications provider
Local and international call center provider